6 color 6 station manual screen printing press

Our 6 Color 6 Station Screen Press can apply 6 screens to 6 stations simultaneously. The the screen layer and the pallet layer can rotate independently, which makes it easier for multi-color printing, material loading and unloading and finally will bring much wider range of applications and faster printing effects.


1. This machine adopts full metal structure and all parts are stainless steel materials, which is advanced electrostanic spraying, elegant appreance, convenient in clean and no rust.

2. This silk-screen printing press completely overcomes the disadvantages of the same price similar appreance silk screen printing press, which can only overprint accurately in 1 or 2 stations.

3. Up-and-down adjustable (77-100cm) foundation can meets demands of people statures from 150-190cm. Height adjusting is easy but stable after adjusted. 

4. Fine adjustment device is easy operated and can guarantee the accurate well appressing between screen and pallet, which will bring better printing effect.

5. Double fix position device is an initiate design.The upper wheels blocks makes it much easier for the pallet support to enter into the fixed position; the bottom wheel block guarantee the accurate position of the pallet support arm and color registers.

6. Super big foundation and pecullar auxiliary balance foot stands keep it balanced and stable even the ground is not smooth.

Technical Data:

Station size: 45*55CM

Max. frame size: 43*53CM

Net weight: 140KGS

Gross weight: 152KGS

Machine size: L214*W214CM

Rack size: L92*W92*59-83CM

Package: 1#: 94*85*17CM   0.14CBM   34KG

              2#: 57*57*34CM   0.11CBM   31KG

              3#: 64*31*26CM   0.05CBM   29KG

              4#: 61*51*26CM   0.08CBM   26KG

              5#: 80*55*15CM  0.07CBM   32KG

Total: 0.45CBM

Up-and-down adjustable (77-100cm) foundation can meets demands of people with different statures.