4 color 4 station manual screen printing press

This screen printing press is the only one and double-rotary printing machine which adopt assembled instruction but still can guarrantee the accuracy color registers of 4 colors in 4 station. It has kept the common functions of similar machines, such as double rotary  of pallte layer and screen layer, high pulling intensity of double springs, height of pallet putting up and down, screen adjusted in all round, left and right location of screen frame support arm etc,.


Technical Data:

Station size: 45*55CM

Max. frame size: 43*53CM

Net weight: 91KGS

Gross weight: 100KGS

Machine size: L190*W190CM

Rack size: L92*W92*59-83CM

Package: 1#: 60*60*31CM   0.11CBM   40KG

             2#: 60*60*20CM   0.05CBM   21KG

             3#: 61*51*22CM   0.07CBM   15KG

             4#: 81*60*16CM   0.08CBM   24KG

Total: 0.31CBM

Different height adjusting: