Mini vacuum screen printing exposure machine


This vacuum exposure machine is our new designed product which is widely used in screen frame, plate, steel plate exposure. Machine adopts microcomputer control, data display, key set number, parameter storage, intelligent design, it's easy operation for people. vacuum rubber adopt domestic adhesive cloth mark rubber, using high strength tempered glass in place of normal glass. With advantages such as clear digital display time setting, precise automatic exposure time control, etc.


1. High quality UV lamps, long life, exposure fast.

2. Automic memory function,it will work as the original setting when next using After finishing counting down, the power will be off automatically.

3. Excellent steel structure, desktop model, easy to take or delivery.

4. Built-in digital timer provides excellent exposure timing control.

5. With vacuum and rubber to ensure well exposure condition.

6. A vacuum pump inside, structure compactly, no noise.

Operation Instruction:

1. Pull up upper ledge and put down screen into the exposure unit, then fix the hasp, make sure the glass and rubber are fit tightly.

2. Opening power supply, enter initial interface, display screen show vacuum time and exposure time of internal storage. Press ”start” key, vacuum indicator light blink, vacuum pump start working, delay finished; exposure indicator light blink, lamp become light and machine working, delay finished, lamp goes out, notify sound5 times), the whole air exhaust, exposure process done.


1. If the vacuum pump doesn’t work when pressing start button, please check whether the power supply is too high or too low.

2. If the lamp doesn’t work when exposure, please check whether lamps of two sides are become dark or aging.

3. Keeping glass clean.

4. Cutting off power supply when replace lamp.

5. The power supply must access to earth wire.

6. Welcome to inquiry if you have any question.

Our desktop exposure unit series:

Exposure Area
Vacuum Pump
1P, free-oil
1P, with oil
UV Lamp
Power supply
220V-240V 50HZ